Social and Economic Impacts of Clothing Trade—Debate on the Used Clothing Import Ban: Discussion Questions from FASH455


#1 Why or why not do you think the used clothing import ban truly can help East African countries better develop their local textile and apparel industry? (please provide detailed examples, if possible)

#2 If U.S. citizens donate clothing to local charity organizations and second-hand clothing stores, in hopes to better the community, why are these organizations exporting the clothes overseas?

#3 Used clothing imports were seen as a threat to the EAC but were also viewed as having a positive environmental impact because the clothes were being up-cycled and recycled. Do you think if there was more emphasis put on the benefits of importing used clothes, due to its positive environmental effect, that the EAC would put more thought into their decisions to ban all used apparel imports?

#4 Notably, almost none of the used clothing exported from the United States to EAC countries are actually “Made in the USA”—they were originally imported from Asian countries such as China, Vietnam, and Bangladesh. Also, most U.S. used clothing exports to EAC were “free giveaways” by U.S. consumers. Is it ethical for SMART to oppose the used clothing import ban so that its own can make a profit? What is your evaluation?

#5 Why or why not do you agree with U.S. government’s response to the EAC import ban on used clothing? What could be done differently and why?

#6 Given the debate on used clothing trade and its impact on East African nations, will you continue to donate used clothing? Why or why not?

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