7 thoughts on “Training Next Gen Sourcing Talents for a More Sustainable Future ”

  1. When I entered college a few years ago, the focus on sustainability in the University of Delaware’s fashion programs is a large reason I was drawn to the school. In my time at the university, my understanding of sustainability has become more nuanced, which is important since as mentioned in the interview, sustainability means different things to different companies. This nuance allows students to be more critical thinkers in their careers. Moving forward, I would love to see a course on supply chain compliance at the undergraduate level for the fashion and apparel studies.

  2. Sustainability is a key factor that all aspects of the fashion industry must adopt from sourcing to production, to exporting, to end life, etc. There are so many things that go into the life cycle of a garment piece and it’s important for everyone to understand the true meaning behind sustainability. Before coming to UD and taking fashion courses revolving around the matter, I had never truly taken the time to think about sustainability and what it means to be sustainable. Once you are educated on the matter it’s hard to forget about those things and I definitely now consider aspects of sustainability before making decisions now. I hope that in the future more fashion companies will be more dedicated to providing a more transparent and sustainable sourcing strategy to consumers and help educate the world on the matter as I have been from courses and discussions such as this one.

  3. sustainability in all aspects of the fashion industry is essential knowledge to hopefully help apparel brands make a positive change within the industry and on the planet. Going into studying Fashion Merchandising, I had a limited perspective on sustainability, fast fashion and the whole ethical side to the industry but after learning about all these aspects I added a sustainability minor to learn a bit more about these issues and how post grad I can hopefully help to resolve some of these pressing sustainability issues within the fashion industry.

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