Industry/Internship Stories

The industry/internship story series intends to help students better understand career opportunities related to sourcing, trade, compliance, and supply chain management in the fashion apparel industry. The series will feature FASH students, young alumni, and industry leaders.

QVC Global Sourcing Internship

Guest Speaker: Lora Merryman

Lora Merryman graduated from the University of Delaware (UD) with a Master of Science in Fashion and Apparel Studies (class of 2021). She also graduated from the UD with a Bachelor’s Science in Fashion Merchandising in 2020. She currently works for QVC as a global sourcing intern.  Lora was selected as a 2020 University of Delaware summer scholar. She also served as a graduate teaching assistant for FASH455 in Fall 2020 and Winter 2021. Lora is the author of a recent research publication on data science education for fashion majors, featured by Just-Style and several other industry news outlets. Lora currently works for Macy’s as a merchandiser.