What Is A Worker-centered U.S. Trade Policy?

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Author: Sheng Lu

Professor @ University of Delaware

2 thoughts on “What Is A Worker-centered U.S. Trade Policy?”

  1. Katherine Thai, the United States Trade representative states “trade policy is about more than just empowering the biggest most resourced economic stakeholders it is about respecting and promoting the dignity of work and our workers” Her discussion shifts to the importance of commerce in a healthy global economy. Policymakers are striving to put the worker at the heart of their efforts. When new policies are implemented, workers will be on hand to teach and communicate their needs. It is a strategy they have devised to encourage the participants in the economy to ensure that workers’ rights are protected in order to increase the level of economic equality. As a result of their policies, they also benefit from the increased wealth. When it comes to agreements and rules, they set the bar high. Those agreements and guidelines are then enforced to ensure that the standards that they’ve set are meaningful. Organizing a race to the top enhances their democratic institutions across the world.

    1. three things are of interest to me:
      1) does “worker” include those well-paid non-manufacturing jobs in the US, such as sourcing managers and supply chain specialists?
      2) does “worker-centered trade policy” mean the Biden administration will intentionally protect the import-competing sectors?
      3) Does it imply that the Biden administration will be tougher on unfair trade practices like forced labor?

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