Timeline of Trade Policy in the Biden Administration (2021–present)

Note: This timeline intends to provide a complete list of trade actions taken by the Biden administration since day one (January 20, 2021) in the categories of:

  •  Policy document: includes all proclamations, announcements, decisions, and official reports released by the White House and government agencies under the executive branch (such as the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative).
  • Trade remedy measures: includes all policy actions taken under the U.S. trade remedy laws, such as anti-dumping, countervailing duty, safeguard measures, and Section 301 investigation. 
  • Trade agreement: includes the negotiation, modification, and termination of any U.S. free trade agreement and trade preference programs.
  • WTO: includes the using of any exciting WTO mechanisms and any WTO-related trade actions.
  • Personnel: includes the nomination, appointment, and resignation of key executive branch officials responsible for U.S. trade policy.

All entries are documented with official links provided–however, I don’t track Trump’s tweets. I hope the timeline can provide a fact-based record useful to industry professionals and scholars. All suggestions and advice are more than welcome (Email: shenglu@udel.edu).

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(updated: January 2021)