One thought on “Inside Garment Factories in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Sri Lanka (updated March 2023)”

  1. These videos demonstrate the differences between apparel manufacturers very well. Clearly, Sri Lanka has a factory shown that is LEED certified, very high-technology, and needs fewer workers to run due to the investments in technology. Cambodia was a step below, with a more crowded workspace, dimmer lighting, and an interesting system that brings pieces of fabric automatically to workers without them moving. Finally, Vietnam’s factory had the least new technology but seemed to have the most workers within it. Considering this, it is interesting to see that Sri Lanka has the lowest exports of apparel compared to Cambodia and Vietnam. However, Sri Lanka has apparel exports as 44% of its total compared to just 12% of Vietnam’s. I believe the main reason that Vietnam has so many more factories and exports from Western brands is due to their low cost of labor. All of the technology that is invested in the factory in Sri Lanka adds to the costs of apparel sourcing, which some brands may not be willing to spend.

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