2 thoughts on “Travels of a T-shirt with Pietra Rivoli (2013)”

  1. I think it was very helpful to see Rivoli talk about her book. I really like how she explained what inspired her to write the book and how she tries to inspire the audience to follow their dreams. Rivoli’s personal stories make the audience able to connect with her on a different level that they were not able to when they read her book. I also thought it was helpful that she went over in detail the life of the t-shirt, and that she used visuals.

    She describes in detail each of the t-shirt’s stops and that helps the audience visualize and imagine the journey. They become a part of it. A huge theme of the lecture was balance and I think that tied in very well with the book and what we have been learning in class. The balance is between globalization and self sufficiency. I think this theme can be applied to more than just the textile market. It can be applied to life in general.

    She brings up many ethical questions throughout her lecture and then twists them in such a way so that they connect with our lives, and we can see how important these problems really are. She speaks a lot about fairness and equality which we do not think about on a daily basis when we go to put a t-shirt on.

    1. Thank you for the great comments! I am so glad that you watched the lecture and find it interesting. I agree that the word “balance” somehow covers the essence of the book. Just like what I mentioned the other day in class–try to breathe and suck at the same time, for many issues in the real world, it is not as simple as “black and white”. For example, the interests of the us apparel industry are very different from the US textile industry; then which side should the policymakers choose to support? The Bangladesh fire accident and the practice of corporate social responsibilities in the developing world is another example. It is very hard to make everybody satisfied or happy. However, I think these “controversies” and the “ethical issues” raised in the lectures are the ones that can help the general public recognize the importance of us. Overall, i hope you enjoy reading the T-shirt book and learn something from it.

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