Textile and Apparel as an Academic Discipline

This video is a joint effort by faculty in the textile and apparel (T&A) programs across the country, hoping to inspire critical thinking on the future of the T&A academic discipline and help others know better about what we are doing in terms of teaching and scholarships.

This video, produced by the Economist, highlights the changing nature of the fashion industry driven by material science and data science.

Author: Sheng Lu

Professor @ University of Delaware

One thought on “Textile and Apparel as an Academic Discipline”

  1. I found this video extremely interesting, because the world we are living in today is becoming more and more technologically advanced and that includes the way we shop and what we wear. Fashion is constantly changing and evolving so it makes sense why in the digital age, clothes would become digitized too. According to the video, technological advances can also lead to more sustainable choices when making clothes. Lab grown spider silk allows labs to create silk in test tubes without having to rely on insects, by taking the DNA from the spider and transforming it into a silk protein. Other companies are creating leather alternatives out of pineapple leaves, which would save many animals from being used to create real leather. Along with the growing use of technology, consumers are also becoming more sustainable so utilizing both of these aspects are very important in the fashion industry today.

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