2 thoughts on “Global Textile and Apparel Market Overview”

  1. These statistics are very interesting and telling about the future of the apparel production industry. China is clearly a production GIANT and doesn’t show signs of slowing down as they produce 50% of all apparel produced in 2011; and the demand for apparel, yarn and fibers is steadily increasing each year. It is clear that the US has no chance of catching up with China, but I don’t think it is necessary as the US should be doing more skilled labor and innovations.
    One concern I have with the growing apparel market is the effect on the environment (natural resources, pollution etc.) the textile industry continues to grow but our natural resources do not and this will continue to create problems and have a negative impact on the environment globally.

    1. I am glad to see your comment on the post, which I hope can give students a big picture of our T&A industry globally. Sometimes, data of such is hard to find. I totally agree with your last point. Environment and natural resources are becoming very critical restraints for the future development of our industry. That’s why “sustainability” is such a hot topic nowadays. i would encourage our students starting to follow the discussions about “climate change”, “cap-and-trade”, “green labels” etc. They will have huge business implications in our sectors in the years to come.

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