Trade and Development

This video provides a great summary of what we discussed in class on trade and development. Please keep in mind that:

  • Textile and apparel industry (T&A) plays a critical role in generating economic growth, reducing poverty and promoting human development both in history and today. This is why T&A remains a critical sector in the 21st global economy, even though people may think clothing is such a “simple” product.
  • Apparel sourcing is far more than just about how to get the product at the lowest price. Throughout the supply chain, sourcing decisions and practices are closely connected with many people’s destiny in the world, especially those living in the developing countries. As future professionals working in the fashion apparel industry, please think about your impact and responsibilities.

Please feel free to share any comments and thoughts on the video

Author: Sheng Lu

Professor @ University of Delaware

5 thoughts on “Trade and Development”

  1. After watching this video I think it becomes apparent that helping developing countries does not simply mean setting up factories there and employing workers. Helping developing countries means giving them the tools they need to grow and providing them with a voice. This platform allows these countries to develop and will hopefully lead to them becoming integral parts of the global marketplace. Aid for Trade is looking to help developing countries gain their independence. As someone entering the workplace, even though I may not be involved in this realm of the industry I think there is value in supporting organizations, like Aid for Trade, that have missions and goals I support.

  2. I think trade is something really important and crucial to keep this world going. As we grow and learn more about trade, I think we’ll hone in on what’s best for where and for who, to eliminate any issues we’re currently facing. There’s always going to be pros and cons to topics like trade, like we discussed in class, but to me I think there are more benefits that outweigh the bad stuff. There will always be winners and losers, but the fact that its creating more jobs in developing countries is something we can’t really get mad about. Developing countries should be given a push into the right direction so they can eventually become developed and really play a big part in trade. Having organizations like Aid for Trade is a great advocate and I think it really helps people who aren’t as educated on trade start to understand it a little bit better because as I look to finish school and enter the workforce, I want to be sure I understand the goals of trade and how it will play a part in whatever my job will be.

  3. I found it very interesting that there is an entire initiative called “Aid For Trade” that specifically looks at ways to reduce poverty by trading with other countries. I have never heard of the initiative before, so I had no idea what it was all about. I think the fact that this program looks into maintaining overall effectiveness and efficiency of trade in every way possible is very important. For example, they understand the importance of maintaining roadways and other transportation lines for trade. They also support small and medium sized enterprises, indicating that they are not only looking to the big businesses that are well-known worldwide, but want to expand trading to other corporations, as well. Overall, I think Aid For Trade is a very important initiative when looking at the benefits that it will bring to those in poverty.

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