2 thoughts on “Statistics: Global Apparel Market 2018-2022”

  1. These statistics are eye-opening. Of course having been in this class, I’ve come to learn about the importance and the significance that the apparel industry has in the grand scheme of the economy and politics, but being able to put statistics like this to back it up is shocking. The projected numbers for the coming years are amazing, but not entirely surprising. The apparel industry is one that is never going to die – people will always need clothes. I think this is interesting because so often you hear people discussing how “retail is dying” and it is important to note that retail and the apparel industry are two separate things, albeit very intertwined as well. Seeing that the apparel industry is only going to grow in the coming years, how can we improve the retail industry to support and encourage that growth? I think that is what our focus should be on.

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