7 thoughts on “Global Apparel Market and Trade—The Modern Cotton Story Podcast”

  1. I actually love listening to this podcast. Its so interesting to hear about agriculture and relating it to the fashion industry because as a fashion student we don’t learn much about farmers and growing cotton that supply the global fashion industry. I thought it was interesting to learn about the annual benchmark report. It is based on the industry outlook, sourcing strategy, and how trade agreements affect sourcing strategies. Brands these days focus on many factors when sourcing such as speed to market and environmental and social standards. This is ever changing from the outdated sourcing based on lowest wage. Forecasting fashion data trends is very difficult especially with Covid. You talked about how cotton, even though it seems like synthetics are preferred over cotton, cotton is still growing with natural and sustainable needs and it will not go anywhere. I really hope this is true and cotton will be used more and more for recycling and circular clothing.

  2. This podcast was very interesting to me and I think I learned a lot about the cotton industry as a whole. I think and agree that cotton is a very important source for this industry and knocks synthetic cotton out of the way. Cotton is natural and sustainable and should not go anywhere from this industry. I also agree with what my peer mentioned above, how as a fashion student we often do not learn these parts of the industry and the importance of the cotton industry in the long term. Sourcing was also talked about and how brands think about it differently than previous outlooks. The industry as a whole now has opened its eyes to the idea of prioritizing sustainability practices which I believe strengthens the industry.

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